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1.  Have you been struggling to finish your profile?                                                    YES     NO

Answer "yes" to 3 or more of the questions below and you definitely need a makeover!

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2.  Are you behind on all of the new LinkedIn tech features?                                    YES     NO

3.  Are you unsure what to say in an initial connection  message?                            YES     NO

4.  Is your home page feed filled with irrelevant posts?                                               YES     NO

5. Are you stuck with less than 500 connections?                                                          YES     NO

6.  Do you have less than 5 recommendations?                                                             YES     NO

7.  Do people rarely comment or share your posts?                                                      YES     NO

8.  Are you posting content less than twice a week?                                                      YES     NO

9.  Are you clueless about how to benefit from using LinkedIn in your career?        YES     NO

10.  Are you at a loss for how to increase your influence on LinkedIn?                      YES     NO

Our Programs Will Take You From...

  • Unknown
  • Asking for Help
  • Afraid to Post
  • Weak Connections
  • Inconsistent Engagement
  • A Basic LinkedIn User
  • Well-Known
  • Attracting Support
  • Confident with Content
  • Influential Connections
  • Actively Engaged
  • A LinkedIn Influencer




Everything You Need to Succeed

All of our LinkedIn Makeover programs include:

One Low Price, Unlimited Access

Bite-Sized Action Items

Digital Makeover Workbook

Pay once and get life-time access to the course with free access to future course upgrades as the LinkedIn platform changes.

Leveling-up on LinkedIn takes work. Each program gives you bite-sized action items so that you can upgrade one step at a time.

Use the workbook to take notes and keep track of your progress. Download a fresh copy as your brand develops each year.

Complete and optimize your profile to establish your brand.


Connect strategically and develop a presence to launch your brand.


Share your expertise and become an influencer to catapult your brand.








What Type of Makeover Do You Need?

  • Resumes vs. LinkedIn
  • Elements of a Quality Profile
  • Profile Picture Do's & Don'ts
  • Creating Compelling Headlines
  • Drafting a Branded Summary

  • Rules of Engagement 
  • Joining Groups and Following Companies
  • Connection Message 101
  • Asking for Recommendations
  • Engagement Schedules

  • Different Types of Content 
  • Building Influence by Becoming a Resource
  • Using LinkedIn Publisher
  • Posting, Commenting, and Sharing
  • Creating a Content Schedule




"After using the tips I learned, I went from unemployed to hired within one month of finishing the course."

Ariel Jones

Help Desk Support Tech

" I was apprehensive about posting content. Now I post 2-3 times a week in groups and to my main feed."

Darlene Koja

Middle School Teacher

" After 2 years, I finally got my profile done, and it represents my brand much better than my resume does. Thank you!"

Scott Bradshaw

VP, Human Resources

No Matter What Industry You're In,
Expect to See Results

  • How many job offers have you missed because your LinkedIn profile wasn't up to par?
  • How many days have influential people decided NOT to connect with you because your brand repelled them?
  • How many times have you missed out on opportunities to showcase your expertise?
  • How many influential people who SHOULD know who you are, still not know you?
  • How many months have you been stuck at your dead-end job with minimal opportunities coming your way?
  • How many years have you been at your company working hard without building a brand outside of work?

Let's Calculate the Cost of Inaction... Ready?

If you've made it this far, you know that your LinkedIn brand needs a makeover.

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